How do you kick serve in tennis step by step?

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Accordingly, what are the 3 ways to improve your kick serve?

Moreover, where do you hit the ball on kick serve? On a first, or flat, serve, you want to hit the ball when it’s at the peak of the toss in front of your body. The kick serve is different because you want to hit the ball while it’s still in motion and behind your body.

Then, is kick serve same as topspin serve?

A kick serve is when the tennis ball is served with a combination of topspin and sidespin, creating a ball that bounces high and moves sideways. Topspin helps a ball jump up after it hits the tennis court. … The kick serve has about a 45-degree angle of rotation, between topspin and sidespin.

How do you hit topspin serve?

How do you hit a perfect serve?

How do you hit a fast kick serve?

Can you kick a ball in tennis?

and d.) (11) A player can’t drop or throw a racket, on purpose (e.g., to hit a ball). A player must have control of his/her racket when he/she hits the ball. That means, a player can’t drop or throw a racket to hit the ball, and the player loses the point if the ball touches a dropped or thrown racket.

How do I return a kick serve?

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