How do you hold a backhand grip in badminton?

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In respect to this, how do you do a forehand grip and backhand grip in badminton?

Then, what type of grip should be used when hitting a backhand shot in badminton? The bevel grip is used for: Backhand rear-court shots (clears, drops and smashes)

Furthermore, what are the two types of grip?

They are the Shakehand Grip and the Penhold Grip.

What is the most used grip in badminton?

orthodox forehand grip

What are the 3 types of racket grip in badminton?

3 Basic Ways of Gripping the Racket : That most players don’t…

  1. Forehand Grip. One of the most common styles of grip that your badminton friends or your parents teach you. …
  2. Backhand Grip. Thumb laid flat on the side of the handle. …
  3. Universal Grip. Thumb is placed somewhere on the middle line of the handle. (

What are the first three basic footwork in badminton?

These include ready position, side step (chasse), lunge, scissor kick, crossover step and three-step return to mid court.

What are the 2 basic grips of badminton?

Forehand Grip and Backhand Grip

  • Forehand grip to hit forehand shots.
  • Backhand grip to hit backhand shots.

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