How do you hit a topspin backhand in pickleball?

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Also know, should you use topspin in pickleball?

The top spin is generally used between mid-court and NVZ, but is most effective only when or if the ball is within 4-8 inches from the top of the net. Any higher and it gives the opponent a chance for a slam.

Simply so, how do I improve my backhand in pickleball?

Regarding this, how do you get topspin on your backhand?

Can you backhand in pickleball?

Backhand Groundstroke: Used when a ball is approaching the side opposite the paddle arm. However, many players consider the backhand groundstroke as their “go to” shot and use it for up to 75-percent of their groundstrokes. Move into correct court position first. Avoid reaching; move the feet instead.

What foot do you step with when hitting a backhand in pickleball?

Drop Step

Your feet should be about shoulder-width apart, parallel to each other with your toes facing forward. If you’re right-handed, reposition your left foot, so you have the same stance but are now standing perpendicular to the net. When your left foot moves back, the paddle swings back too.

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