How do you hit a perfect backhand slice?

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Keeping this in consideration, how do you practice a slice in tennis?

Consequently, who has the best backhand slice? Top 5 Slice Backhands in ATP Open Era

  1. John McEnroe.
  2. Stefan Edberg. …
  3. Pat Rafter. …
  4. Boris Becker. …
  5. Roger Federer. …
  6. The slice backhand has been a powerful weapon in tennis for a very long time. …

Also, what grip does Federer use for backhand slice?

eastern backhand grip

Why is my backhand slice going up?

It’s because the slice is hit with a continental grip and from high-to-low, unlike the other groundstrokes. Often beginners end up opening their racket face too much. This causes the ball to pop up and lack pace, which is the most common issue on the slice.

How do you beat a slicer in tennis?

How do you hit a drop shot in tennis?

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