How do you hang a tennis ball in the garage for parking?

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Secondly, why do people hang tennis balls in garages?

Hanging a tennis ball on a string in your garage helps you to easily determine where to stop and conversely know your car is far enough inside for your garage door to close.

Moreover, will a tennis ball dent a garage door? It all fits together. Balls bounce higher, roll truer and it makes for a great surface to start and stop on a dime. All this adds up to a door that can be peppered with dents and dings especially if you have an aluminum or steel door.

Besides, how do you get a string through a tennis ball?

Garage Parking Gauge

Punch or drill a hole through a tennis ball, run a piece of string through the hole, and tie a knot below the tennis ball. Thread the string through both eye hooks and attach it to the open garage door so the tennis ball is level with the front of the car when the garage door is open.

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