How do you get a faster serve in tennis?

Here are 10 tips to help you serve faster:

  1. Loosen up! …
  2. Think “fast” instead of “hard.” The tension of your body starts in your mind.
  3. Exhale when you serve. …
  4. Make a swooshing sound. …
  5. Don’t aim! …
  6. Hit a few balls into the back fence across the whole court. …
  7. Throw the racket. …
  8. Rotate quickly with your body.

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In this way, why tennis serve is so difficult?

Since we don’t swing toward the target with our arm, the “new” serve technique then uses a different set of movements to generate power, and the key movement is pronation. … And after a few thousand serves like that, the incorrect movement would be ingrained in my brain, and it would be very hard to change.

Beside this, who hit the fastest serve in tennis?

Sam Groth

Besides, how can I hit my serve harder?

What is the most difficult skill in tennis?

The most difficult part of tennis is deciding tactically and correctly WHAT and HOW you are going to play in less than half a second on every shot you play (except the serve).

Why is my tennis serve going long?

If your serve is going long on you, there are a couple of things that are likely happening. 1, the contact point is too low. 2, your serve needs more spin. And 3, you are decelerating on your swing through your contact.

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