How do you extend a tennis necklace?

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Additionally, can you get a necklace extended?

A jeweler can extend your chain via three methods, depending on your item. Before they proceed, they’ll take a look at your piece to determine its style and structure. Seamless extension: This option is only available for standard chains with definable links, such as a figaro chain or cable chain.

Keeping this in view, how do necklace extenders work?

Herein, how long should a tennis necklace be?

Most diamond tennis necklaces are 17” or 18” in length so they can be worn with almost any neckline. A graduated necklace looks spectacular with a deep V-neck or halter style neckline.

What to do with a necklace that is too small?

Can gold necklace stretch?

Precious metals such as gold and silver are softer than ferrous metals like iron and steel. Therefore, they will tend to stretch and thin if not properly maintained. Whether it’s a child tugging on it, a heavy charm, or improper storage, your necklace can stretch.

What is the extra chain on a necklace for?

You could be worried about wearing it in case you lose it but with a safety chain, you won’t need to worry and can wear it with confidence because if the clasp breaks, your necklace or bracelet will be saved by the extra chain.

How do you increase chain length?

If you have a chain that you love that could do with being a little longer, the answer is to buy an extension or extender chain. This is a short length of chain, often between 4cm and 8cm, which can be attached to any existing chain via a jump ring. This then increases the overall measurement giving you more options.

What is the extra chain on a necklace called?


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