How do you do a table tennis serve spin?

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Simply so, how does a backspin serve work?

In racquet sports and golf, backspin (also known in racket sports as slice or underspin), is a shot such that the ball rotates backwards (as though rolling back towards the player) after it is hit. This direction of spin imparts an upward force that lifts the ball (see Magnus effect).

Furthermore, can you do a backhand serve in table tennis? The backhand serve involves using pretty much the same motion as the forehand serve. There is only one major difference, and that is that the back of the hand is facing the other player. You hit the ball in the same manner as you would with the forehand serve.

Beside this, is Ghost serve allowed in table tennis?

Hidden serve is the most common illegal serve in table tennis. The player uses his free arm or his body to hide the contact point. It’s difficult to see if this was a topspin serve, a no-spin float serve, or a backspin serve. Hidden serve was allowed before but ITTF changed the rule.

How do you serve short backspin in table tennis?

How do you serve heavy backspin?

Who gets the point when a let occurs on a serve?

During a serve, if the ball hits the net but still bounces on the opponent’s side of the table, the point is a let (which means it needs to be replayed). If the ball hits the net and doesn’t make it to the other half of the table, the receiver is automatically awarded a point.

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