How do you do a reverse serve in tennis?

The reverse slice serve (or inside-out serve) is analogous to the screwball pitch in baseball. It is hit with the opposite spin of the slice serve. The server must pronate his or her racket arm and sweep the racket across his or her body while striking the ball when hitting a reverse slice serve.

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Herein, what is reversed in table tennis?

So remeber, if you want the ball goes more to your right, use the Reverse Pendulum serve, to spin the ball from your right to your left, and the returned ball will go more to your right side (near the middle of the table). “Reverse Pendulum Serve makes the ball returned more to the middle of the table”.

Just so, how do you serve a pendulum?

Moreover, how do I return a pendulum serve?

When a left handed players serves pendulum style serve with right side-under or ride side spin, the ball is going wide to your forehand side. The key point to returning this serve with topspin, is to angle the racket so you brush the ball on the left side of the ball not just on top.

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