How do you demo a tennis racket?

Have a quick warm-up with your existing racquet to get a feel for how you are playing and striking the ball. After 10 mins, pick up a demo frame and hit some casual groundstrokes with it in what is basically another warm-up. Move up to the net, take some volleys, hit some overheads and then hit a few serves.

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Then, how do I return a demo to Tennis Warehouse?

Simply place the return label over the demo box’s existing label and ship it back to Tennis Warehouse Europe. You won’t be charged any additional fees. We want as many people as possible to have a chance to demo these rackets so it’s important that they’re returned to us on time.

Also, how do I return a demo racket? #1 Tennis Racquet Demo Program

  1. 1 Choose up to 4 racquets you want to demo. Read More. …
  2. 2 The racquets will ship via ground shipping with a prepaid return label. Read More. …
  3. 3 Use the racquets for a week (7 days) starting the day you received them. …
  4. 4 Return the racquets using the box and prepaid return label provided.

In respect to this, how do you pick a tennis racket for a warehouse?

How do I know my tennis racket grip size?

Ruler Test: To measure grip size using the ruler test, first place the fingers of your racket hand together, then align a ruler’s edge with the the bottom horizontal crease of your palm. Next, measure to the tip of your ring finger, this measurement is your grip size.

What is Tennis Warehouse return policy?

90-Day Returns

Tennis Warehouse wants you to take comfort in knowing that all items can be returned for a full refund within 90 days of the invoice date.

Is Tennis Warehouse free returns?

It’s easy and free to return your merchandise! These instructions apply only to shipments received within and returning from the contiguous 48 United States. Those outside this area should email info@tennis- for return instructions.

How long does it take for Tennis Warehouse to ship?

Orders received Monday through Friday after 12:00 pm EST (9:00 am PST) ship the next business day. Orders do not ship or deliver on Saturday, Sunday or observed holidays. Delivery is guaranteed in 2 business days once the package departs our warehouse.

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