How do you deal with a pusher in tennis?

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Additionally, is pushing bad in tennis?

The dreaded pusher—those players who lob back almost every ball or who don’t have a lot of pace and almost never miss—can be miserable to play against. … Anyone with a NTRP of a 4.0 or higher shouldn’t really have any problems beating someone who pushes the ball back.

Beside this, why do I keep hitting the tennis ball long?

Simply so, how do you beat a counter punch in tennis?

Why do tennis players hate pushers?

The reason people hate playing pushers is because they have a knack for winning. If they didn’t, people would like playing them. … The last person to hit the ball in wins the point, wins the game, wins the set, and wins the match. There are no points for style.

Is Brad Gilbert a pusher?

In 1994, Gilbert helped a struggling Agassi skyrocket from No. 32 to No. … Dubbed a ”pusher” (returns everything, waits for his opponent to make a mistake), Gilbert was respected for his tenacity and his ability to turn his opponents’ games against them by understanding their games better than they did.

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