How do I protect my badminton racket?

a) Keep your racket in a dry, cool environment to avoid damage to the frame and strings. b) Do not use the racket to scrape the feather birdie off the floor. It can lead to cracks in the racket frame as well as damage the grommets and string. c) You can make use of racket frame protection tape available in the market.

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Furthermore, where do you wrap a badminton grip?

After placing the tape, you should place the wrap gently above the tape up to the tip of the handle. It is recommendable that you should wrap the grip higher towards the shaft. This increases the racket’s weight towards the handle hence allowing for easier control and powerful hits.

Additionally, what do you call about the wrapping around the handle of the racket? A grip is also the wrapping around the handle of the racket. There are many types and varieties of grips; the texture, thickness, color, material and surface (flat or waved) are all factors that make grips unique.

Keeping this in view, how do you replace a handle on a badminton racket?

What should you not do in badminton?


  • Don’t Make Unforced Errors. Before you can win, you must first not lose. …
  • Don’t Be Too Tricky. …
  • Don’t Rush. …
  • Don’t Make Excuses. …
  • Don’t Collide with Your Partner. …
  • Don’t Be Indecisive. …
  • Don’t Move Before the Shuttle is Hit. …
  • Don’t Take Too Many Steps.

How long can a badminton racquet last?

How long can a racket really last? In short, and all other things being equal, a racket for an intermediate, frequent player can last about two to three years. In this case we would consider the player player about two or three times a week and getting his or her racket restrung at least once a month.

Which grip size is best for badminton?

Badminton Grips Buying Guide

Grip Size Racket Grip Size Size in mm
X-Small Grip G5 83mm
Small Grip G4 86mm
Medium Grip G3 89mm
Large Grip G2 92mm

Which grip is better for badminton?

The name Replacement Grip is self-explanatory; this grip is used as a replacement grip for the original grip, which comes attached with the Badminton racket. The replacement grips are slightly thicker. They are usually made up of PU or polyurethane as PU is good at absorbing shock and sweat.

Can you use tennis grip for badminton?

Other Sports You Can Use tennis grips for. (Badminton, Racquetball, Pickleball, Squash, Golf, Maybe even Ping pong) … While playing you have to insert a grip on the base or handle of the racquet to have a firm grip and your racquet doesn’t slip when you are hitting the shots.

What are the 5 shot in badminton?

There are five different types of badminton shots or strokes: Serves, clears, smashes, drives and drops.

Why is proper grip and racket control important?

Why is the table tennis grip so important? The table tennis grip is important because it controls the angle of the racket (paddle / bat) … And the angle of the racket controls the height of the ball, the depth of the ball, the speed of the ball, the direction of the ball, the type of spin and the amount of spin.

What are the two types of grip in badminton?

Forehand Grip and Backhand Grip

  • Forehand grip to hit forehand shots.
  • Backhand grip to hit backhand shots.

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