How do I isolate my turntable vibration?

Setting your turntable on a heavy, stable piece of furniture will help isolate your turntable from all kinds of vibrations. The furniture’s extra mass will absorb vibration so that your turntable doesn’t have to.

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Beside this, do I need a turntable isolation platform?

But for a lot of people, isolation is a must because we can’t walk across the room without making our turntable skip. Others consider isolation crucial no matter the circumstances, believing that even marginal resonances negatively impact the sound.

In respect to this, how do you make a turntable isolation platform?

Considering this, why does my turntable vibrate?

Being an analog audio device, a turntable relies on vibrations to recreate sounds. When a turntable is set up correctly, the stylus only picks up the vibrations caused by the stylus on the record. Feedback occurs when another source of vibration is present.

Is it bad to have speakers next to turntable?


If you put speakers near to or on the same shelf as your record player the vibration of the speakers will undermine the record player’s ability to do its job well. So try to put your turntable on something small that’s not close to the speakers, and likewise put your speakers on stands or wall brackets.

What does a turntable isolation platform do?

As its name suggests, a turntable isolation platform works to isolate the turntable and provide it with great balance. With the special design, an isolation platform will control vibrations that will negatively affect the sound quality and the performance of the turntable system.

What should I put under my turntable?

Below is our list of turntable isolation platforms that can help you maximize your turntable system’s hi-fi audio potential.

  1. Auralex ISO-Tone. …
  2. Pro-Ject Ground It Deluxe. …
  3. Isoacoustics Delos. …
  4. Butcher Block Acoustics Audio Platform. …
  5. Gingko Audio Cloud 14 Series. …
  6. SRA VR-Series isoBASE. …
  7. Townshend Audio Seismic Platform.

How does vibration isolation work?

Vibration isolation is a commonly used technique for reducing or suppressing unwanted vibrations in structures and machines. With this technique, the device or system of interest is isolated from the source of vibration through insertion of a resilient member or isolator.

How do you isolate a subwoofer from the floor?

Our favorite way to decouple your sub from the floor is to swap out the included feet for the SVS Soundpath Isolation System ($50). These soft rubber feet are hot-swappable with most subwoofer foot options. They are easy to install, are almost unnoticeable after installed, and work well.

How do you make a speaker isolation pad?

How do you make a turntable stand?

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