How do I get a racket in my time at Portia?

Obtaining. Racket can be found when mining in the Abandoned Ruins #1 or Abandoned Ruins #2. It can also be caught while fishing. Note: Catch times assume that the player is using a Beginner’s Fishing Rod.

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Also to know is, where can I fish in my time at Portia?


Name Sell Price Fishing Spot
Goliath King 5000 Bassanio Falls (1.02%) Eufaula Heights (0.68%)
Catfish 30 Portia River (40.80%) Collapsed Wasteland (27.22%)
Emperor Catfish 60 Portia River (4.08%) Collapsed Wasteland (2.72%)
Catfish King 5000 Portia River (1.02%) Collapsed Wasteland (0.68%)
Keeping this in view, how do I upgrade my Portia scanner? The scanner can be updated at the elevator panel outside any Abandoned Ruins by pressing the key/button shown on the console. The player will receive a letter in the mail stating that an upgrade is available.

Hereof, how do you use Portia bait my time?

Where can I buy Portia racket?

Obtaining. Racket can be found when mining in the Abandoned Ruins #1 or Abandoned Ruins #2 by using the Relic Detector. Racket can also be caught while fishing.

What is Portia fishing Day?

Fishing Day is a festival where the citizens of Portia compete in a fishing competition. It occurs on the 12th and 13th day of Month 1 between 08:00 – 15:00.

What can I do with Portia fish?

If caught via fishing, fish can be common, Emperor, or King quality, with each tier being more difficult to catch than the last. Fish can be used for cooking food with the Cooking Set or Ack, gifted to other characters, sold for Gols to shops, or donated to the Portia Museum’s aquarium on the second floor.

How do I make my Portia fishing rod better?

Obtaining. The Master Fishing Rod can be obtained by donating one emperor fish from each of the thirteen fish species to the Museum. The Master Fishing Rod will arrive fully crafted in the player’s mailbox immediately after donating the last emperor fish.

How do I get old Portia parts?

Obtaining. Old Parts can be found in any Abandoned Ruins on their own by using Relic Detector or inside Parts Boxes. Old Parts can also be obtained by breaking wooden crates in the Sewage Plant ruins in the Collapsed Wasteland. They are also uncommonly dropped by Masked Fiend found there.

How do I upgrade my AXE at Portia?

How do you mine Portia?

How Mining Works in My Time at Portia. You can start mining by using your pickaxe as soon as you find patches of rock with a certain colorization, such as brown, that differs from the main colorization of the mine. However, to get the most out of mining, you may want to use your scanner first by pressing the F button.

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