How do I contact Tennis Australia?

Tennis NSW

  1. T: +61 2 9024 7600.
  2. Toll free: 1800 15 30 40.
  3. F: +61 2 9763 7655.
  4. W:
  5. E: [email protected]

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Simply so, where is Tennis Australia based?

Melbourne Park
Location Melbourne Park, Melbourne, Victoria
President Jayne Hrdlicka
CEO Craig Tiley
Official website
Then, who is Australia’s number one tennis? Men
1 Alex de Minaur
2 John Millman
3 Jordan Thompson
4 James Duckworth
5 Alexei Popyrin

Beside this, does Australia have a tennis team?

The Australian Olympic Committee has named Australia’s biggest-ever Olympic tennis team, with the 11 athletes eclipsing the 10-strong teams from Sydney 2000 and Rio 2016, and Sam Stosur becoming the first Australian tennis player to make five Olympics.

How do I contact Openpay?

Ways to contact us

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Can we play tennis in NSW?

Tennis NSW notes that there are now restrictions on individuals in LGAs of concern travelling more than 5km from their place of residence for exercise, including tennis. … Finally, the guidance and recommendations provided by Tennis NSW is general only and we do not provide advice for particular circumstances.

Who is the CEO of Tennis Australia?

Craig Tiley (Oct 1, 2013–)

Who is the owner of tennis?

The inventor of modern tennis has been disputed, but the officially recognized centennial of the game in 1973 commemorated its introduction by Major Walter Clopton Wingfield in 1873. He published the first book of rules that year and took out a patent on his game in 1874.

What is tennis called in Australia?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Tennis in Australia refers to the sport of tennis played in Australia. Tennis in Australia has been administered by Tennis Australia (formerly the Lawn Tennis Association of Australia (LTAA)) since 1904.

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