How do I choose a head racket?

When choosing a racket, there are three elements which affect power and control: headsize, weight, and string pattern.

  1. Larger Headsize = More Power; Smaller Headsize = More Control.
  2. Lighter Racket = More Power; Heavier Racket = More Control.
  3. Open Stringbed = More Power; Denser Stringbed = More Control.

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Similarly one may ask, what tennis racket should I buy head?

Most players will do great with a head size in the range of 98 (632.26 centimeters) to 105 in² (677.42 cm²) and a length of 27 inches (68.58 centimeters). As with most decisions for tennis gear, nothing beats getting on the court with a racquet you’re interested in and testing it out for yourself.

Accordingly, how do I know what tennis racket to buy?

Keeping this in view, how do I know my head size for a racquet?

How to Measure a Tennis Head Size for a Racket

  1. Measure the width of the tennis racket’s stringed area across the widest point.
  2. Measure the height of the stringed area across the longest point.
  3. Multiply the width times the height times 0.785 to calculate the head size.

What size tennis racket should a 14 year old use?


Age: 4 – 5 years > 14 years
Height: 2 ft. 11 – 3 ft. 3 > 4 ft. 11
Length racket: 46 cm 68 cm
Recommended racket: 18 inch 27 inch

What is the most common tennis grip size?

What are the most common tennis racquet grip sizes? As they tend to have smaller hands, women generally use smaller grip sizes than men. Most women play with the sizes 1, 2 and 3, while most men go for 3, 4 and 5.

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