How do I book a court on ClubSpark?

How to book your court

  1. Checklist to using the courts (Troubleshooting Guide)
  2. Please see the venues list below and click on the venue that you would like to play at.
  3. Log in to unlock the booking sheets.
  4. Click the “Book a Court” tab on that venue page.
  5. Select the day, time, and court that you would like to play*

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Secondly, how do I access ClubSpark?

Player bookings made easy…

  1. Visit the website, mobile app or on-site kiosk. Every venue is easy to find online or via the mobile app. …
  2. Choose a court and time to play. …
  3. Receive an online access pin code. …
  4. Access the court. …
  5. Start playing!
Also know, who owns ClubSpark? Dave Ward. Dave founded ClubSpark in 2012 with Nathan. He has a strong desire to see a growth in sports participation across the UK and globally, through the innovation of technology and the enabling power it provides to venues and participants alike.

Just so, how does ClubSpark work?

ClubSpark allows you to export your member’s data to a CSV or PDF file. You can export your member’s data from within any of your membership packages or your ‘all members’ view. Keep in contact with your members by emailing them with your club information.

What is LTA rally?

LTA Rally is a nationwide tennis booking website. The website is an easy way for tennis players to find, book, access and pay for tennis courts online. You don’t need a membership, just book online, turn up and play.

How do I use Booker app?

To make a court booking via the app, you will first need to click on the blue ‘Book A Court’ button at the bottom of the screen. The app will first take you to ‘My Clubs’ which will include venues that you are a member at or have previously made a court booking.

How do I get a British tennis number?

If you do not know your membership number then please use the LTA’s online player search facility or telephone the British Tennis Membership Department on 020 8487 7000. To make applications for any competition you will also need an LTA rating. This is available as part of a British Tennis Membership package.

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