How can I watch Vienna 2020 Open?

Watch the Erste Bank Open LIVE on TV

The Erste Bank Open will be shown on Sky Sports Action (408) on Thursday, starting again at 12 noon, before flipping back to Sky Sports Arena on Friday. Saturday is semi-finals day and will be broadcast on Sky Sports Arena at 1pm.

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Hereof, who is playing in the Vienna Open?

Rublev Claims Fifth Title Of 2020 In Vienna

  • NovakDjokovic.
  • DominicThiem.
  • StefanosTsitsipas.
  • DaniilMedvedev.
  • AndreyRublev.
  • DiegoSchwartzman.
  • GaelMonfils.
  • DenisShapovalov.
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Beside this, what channels are tennis on?

Matches will be broadcast on ESPN and ESPN2; you can also stream up to 16 live courts with ESPN+.

What surface is Vienna Open?

indoor hard courts
Vienna Open
Tournament information
Surface Carpet – indoors (1976–99) Hard – indoors (1974, 2000–current)
Draw 32 S / 16 Q / 16 D
Prize money €1,550,950 (2020)

Is Vienna open for travel?

Yes, with restrictions based on vaccination status and/or purpose of travel. As of September 15, 2021, only fully-vaccinated persons age 12 and older will be allowed to travel from the United States to Austria without having to quarantine.

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