Has the Naples Beach Club been sold?

“The closing of our acquisition of the Naples Beach Hotel has been temporarily delayed by the filing of a last-minute lawsuit and lis pendens. … The Naples Beach Hotel permanently closed on May 23, ending a 75-year run by the Watkins family, who owned and operated the resort property for three generations.

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Furthermore, is the Naples Beach Club closing?

The Naples Beach Hotel closed its door permanently on May 23 after 75 years in business. The owners were supposed to close on a deal with a new owner but now it’s been put on hold, all because of a last-minute lawsuit.

Hereof, why is The Naples Beach hotel closing? STEFANIA PIFFERI — The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club closed May 23, after 75 years. A planned $250 million upgrade is on hold because of litigation. The Watkins family selected Athens Group after receiving more than 15 proposals to purchase their property.

People also ask, who owns Naples Beach and golf Club?

the Watkins family

What is replacing Naples Beach hotel?

The Athens Group

Are there beach clubs you can join in Naples?

A membership at our Naples club entitles you to be a part of an exclusive and intimate club-resort atmosphere, with access to our Gulf-front swimming pools, fitness center, and private beach.

How much did the Naples Beach Hotel sell for?

Resort, sold for a $250M redevelopment project, faces last season.

Who is Athens group?

The Athens Group is a full-service real estate development company specializing in the creation of luxury resorts and urban hotels, branded and non-branded luxury residences, home sites and communities, as well as golf courses, spas and related recreational amenities.

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