Has Oliver Townend won Badminton?

British rider Oliver Townend (36), who is based near Ellesmere in Shropshire, is a former winner of Badminton (2009) and has completed the event 13 times. … His first success came in show jumping at HOYS when he was 11, and at 13 he went on to represent Britain on the pony eventing team at the European Championships.

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In this manner, where is Oliver Townend based?

Beside above, is Oliver Townend with Izzy Taylor? Oliver Townend is not married. He is in a relationship with fellow British event rider Izzy Taylor.

In respect to this, where is Izzy Taylor based?


Who is Oliver’s girlfriend?

Esther Paul

Who owns Oliver Townend horse?

Andrew Cawthray

What breed is Ballaghmor class?

Ballaghmor Class Pedigree Chart by SporthorseData

Courage II HOL-DE-90-GR Capitol I HOL-DE-75-GR Corporal
Vamara HOL-DE-83 Rantzau

What is Oliver Townend horse called?


Year Event Horse
2019 European Championships Cooley Master Class
2019 World Young Horse Championships Miss Cooley
2020 World Young Horse Championships Cooley Rosalent

What kind of horse does Oliver Townend ride?

“Everything I make goes into improving it and making my eventing a successful business.” Two of Oliver’s finest horses are Ballaghmor Class and Cooley Master Class. Between them they have the best record in the world at Concours Complet International 5* events – the highest level of competition in eventing.

Who is the owner of Knutsford Express?


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