Has Kenin won any Grand Slams?

Kenin has won one Grand Slam singles title at the 2020 Australian Open (she was also a finalist at the 2020 French Open), four WTA singles titles and two WTA doubles titles, as well as four ITF singles titles and two ITF doubles titles.

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Likewise, did Sofia Kenin win today?

MELBOURNE, Australia — Sofia Kenin, the reigning champion, was knocked out of the Australian Open on Thursday as the unseeded Kaia Kanepi of Estonia beat her decisively, 6-3, 6-2. Kenin’s second-round defeat was the first major upset of the tournament.

One may also ask, how old is Sofia Kenin tennis?
21 yrs

Net Worth $8500,00 USD
Age 21 yrs
Date of Birth 14 November 1998
Height 1.70 M
Nationality American

Herein, is Sofia Kenin still playing tennis?

Fifth-ranked Sofia Kenin pulled out of the US Open on Wednesday because she recently tested positive for COVID-19, even though she said she has received a vaccine. Kenin announced what she called “disappointing news” on social media.

What racquet does kenin use?

Sofia Kenin uses the Babolat Pure Drive USA when she is playing at the highest level. This is not too different from regular Babolat Pure Drive in terms of their specifications. Kenin also uses Babolat RPM and Babolat Natural Gut in the mains and crosses respectively as her tennis racquet strings.

How old is Sonya Kenin?

22 years (November 14, 1998)

How old is Jessica Pegula?

27 years (February 24, 1994)

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