Has Andrew Nicholson won Badminton?

Nicholson, who will continue to coach the Swiss eventing team, including at this week’s European Championships, also won Badminton in 2017 on 17-year-old Nereo.

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In this regard, who won Badminton 2017?

Kiwi Andrew Nicholson
Then, is William Fox Pitt still competing? William Speed Lane Fox-Pitt MBE (born 2 January 1969) is an English equestrian who competes in eventing. A serious fall in 2015 left him in a coma for two weeks, but he came back to make the British eventing team and attend the 2016 Summer Olympics. …

Hereof, who is the first badminton champion?

P. V.

Badminton in India
Governing body Badminton Association of India
National team(s) India
International competitions
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Who is the winner of World Badminton Championship 2019?

PV Sindhu’s

Who is the winner of World Badminton Championship 2018?


Event Gold Silver
Men’s singles Kento Momota Shi Yuqi
Women’s singles Carolina Marín P. V. Sindhu
Men’s doubles Li Junhui Liu Yuchen Takeshi Kamura Keigo Sonoda
Women’s doubles Mayu Matsumoto Wakana Nagahara Yuki Fukushima Sayaka Hirota

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