Does UC Berkeley have a tennis team?

California Club Tennis is a student-run organization that practices and competes throughout the school year. The club is a part of UC Berkeley’s Rec Sports Clubs, playing in USTA Tennis On Campus Tournaments. They use World Team Tennis rules in match play, which emphasizes both singles and doubles play.

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Keeping this in view, how do I reserve a tennis court in Berkeley?


  1. To reserve online, you must create an account, located in the top, left-hand corner of the catalog.
  2. Click on ‘Tennis Court Reservation’ heading in catalog.
  3. Select court and view availability.
Moreover, does UC Berkeley have a gym? We’ve got great spaces and places to enjoy including three fitness and wellness centers, four swimming pools, five tennis courts, seven basketball courts, and outdoor track and fields.

Herein, where can I play tennis in Berkeley?

Tennis Courts in Berkeley, California

Tennis Court Map Type
Grove Park 1730 Oregon St, Berkeley 1.02 m Public
Rose Garden Park 1238 Euclid Ave, Berkeley 1.11 m Public
Willard Park 2730 Hillegass Ave, Berkeley 1.12 m Public
San Pablo Park 2800 Park St, Berkeley 1.32 m Public

Is UC Berkeley gym free?

Recreational Sports Facility

Available to: UC Berkeley students (no fee); UC Berkeley faculty, staff, retirees, and emeriti with purchase of a Return to Rec Membership.

Are UC Berkeley pools open?

Spieker Pool and Golden Bear Pool are open to UC Berkeley students and faculty and staff only. … Accessible pool options are available at Spieker Pool. Return to Rec membership is required for Faculty/Staff access.

What facilities does UC Berkeley have?

Campus Map

  • Roads and Lanes. Barrow Lane.
  • Open/Green Spaces. Botanical Garden.
  • Points of Interest. Cal 1 Card Office.
  • Libraries. Anthropology Library.

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