Does UBC have a badminton team?

UBC Badminton Club

The Badminton Club provides students with the opportunity to play badminton, and make friends while adjusting to university life.

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Moreover, what clubs are at UBC?

An up-to-date list of UBC clubs is maintained here.

  • Language Enthusiasm.
  • Latin Dance Passion.
  • Le Club Français (UBC French Club)
  • Librarians Without Borders.
  • Lifeline.
  • Literature Etc.
  • Love Your Neighbour of UBC.
Also question is, what is UBC Vancouver known for? The University of British Columbia is a global centre for teaching, learning and research, consistently ranked among the top 20 public universities in the world.

In this regard, does UBC have animation?

CPSC 426 – Computer Animation – UBC Student Services.

Is UBC a d1?

The University of British Columbia’s Vancouver campus has been involved in a consultation and review process to consider moving its athletic membership to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division II. … UBC competes in seven sports in the NAIA.

What is UBC CVC?

From UBC Wiki. The CVC, formerly known as (Chinese Varsity Club) is a not for profit social club of the AMS that is committed to its members to provide a wide range of fun events that foster and create the best social environment for its members.

How do I log into my UBC email?

Where can I log in to my UBC email account? Once you have created a UBC email address, you can access the mailbox using any popular web browser and clicking on this link: You can also use ActiveSync to access your email with your mobile device.

Does UBC have a dance team?

The UBC Dance Team is a contemporary, jazz, and tap company located on the beautiful Vancouver campus. A passion for dance is difficult to let go of and the UBC Dance Team allows committed dancers an opportunity to pursue their academic studies while enjoying high-calibre dance training at the university level.

Is UBC an elite university?

The most established and influential global rankings all consistently place UBC in the top five per cent of universities in the world.

Is UBC hard to get into?

UBC’s admission process is competitive and comparative. Keep in mind that your application will be evaluated against all of the others we have received this year for the same degree.

Does UBC have a good reputation?

UBC’s global academic reputation is the highest ranked indicator for the university, reflecting the collective pursuits and achievements of more than 6,000 faculty at the university. “UBC’s performance in this year’s QS rankings shows our university’s continued focus on significant and impactful research.

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