Does the Burj Al Arab have a tennis court?

The world’s highest tennis court rests atop Dubai’s Burj al Arab. At about 690 feet, the grass court offers panoramic views and a thrilling match not for the faint of heart. … Tennis greats Andre Agassi and Roger Federer were invited up to the courts to play a friendly game before the competition began.

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Moreover, who played tennis on Burj Al Arab?

Andre Agassi
Beside above, is there a tennis court on top of Dubai Tower? Burj Al Arab Tennis Court

This dizzying green roof which doubled as a tennis court sat atop the Burj al Arab luxury hotel in Dubai as part of a media stunt right before the Dubai Duty Free Men’s Open. … While it was only temporary, the tennis court lives on in these amazing pictures, which actually make us a bit dizzy.

In this regard, where is world’s highest tennis court?

World’s highest tennis court in Dubai

That honour belongs to the Burj Al Arab hotel’s helipad court, which at 650 feet above the ground, temporarily became the world’s highest tennis court back in 2005.

What is the best tennis court in the world?

9 amazing tennis courts from around the world

  • The Enchantment Resort, Arizona. Tennis with a view, anyone? …
  • Burj Al Arab Jumeira, UAE. …
  • Doha, Qatar. …
  • Il San Pietro di Positano, Amalfi Coast. …
  • Church of San Paolo, Milan. …
  • Tennis De La Cavalerie, Paris. …
  • Tennisclub IJburg, Amsterdam. …
  • Bunabhainneadar, Scotland.

Is there an underwater tennis Stadium in Dubai?

Dubai’s underwater tennis stadium. The design proposal involved seven arenas, with a carbon-glass glazed dome above the court and located in the seabed within a reef off the coast of Dubai, near the famous Burj al Arab hotel.

Is there a helipad on Burj Khalifa?


Burj Al Arab برج العرب
Architectural style Structural expressionism
Town or city Dubai
Country United Arab Emirates

What is the highest floor of Burj Khalifa?

Burj Khalifa
Architectural 828 m (2,717 ft)
Tip 829.8 m (2,722 ft)
Top floor 585.4 m (1,921 ft)
Observatory 555.7 m (1,823 ft)

What are the dimensions of a tennis court?

A tennis court is 78ft (23.77m) in length. The courts used for singles matches are 27ft (8.23m) wide, while doubles courts are 36ft (10.97m) wide. The court’s service line is 21ft (6.4m) from the net.

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