Does tennis TV have commentators?

Tennis TV provides commentary on the majority of matches. During an ATP 1000 or ATP 500 tournament, we will provide the broadcast feed with English language commentary, which will be listed first on the products.

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Thereof, who are the Queens tennis commentators?

Commentary comes from Andrew Castle, Andrew Cotter, John Lloyd and Peter Fleming.

Correspondingly, who are the Channel 9 tennis commentators? With more names being confirmed as we approach the start of tournament, all the action will be on 9Gem with commentators Roz Kelly, Todd Woodbridge, Sam Groth, Jelena Dokic and Brett Phillips.

Secondly, who are the tennis commentators on Amazon Prime?

1’s and Grand Slam singles winners Martina Navratilova and Jim Courier all providing commentary and analysis. Experienced broadcasters Sam Smith, Mark Petchey, Robbie Koenig and Pete Odgers will also feature in the lead commentary line up.

Who are the commentators on Eurosport tennis?

Studio presentation for the French Open on Eurosport is hosted by Barbara Schett with Mats Wilander. Commentators include Simon Reed, Chris Bradnam, Nick Lester, Barry Millns alongside Jo Durie, Annabel Croft, Frew McMillan, Miles Maclagan, Arvind Parmar and Chris Wilkinson.

Who are the Australian commentators at Roland Garros?

Rob Curling and Wanye Boyce will be leading the commentary Team for the Live 1, or “Prime” feed, with Adam Fielder, Michael Perrera, David Crossan, Drew Lilley joining the Live 2 “Extra” team.

Who are the tennis commentators on BBC?

Current commentators working for the BBC at Wimbledon include British ex-players Andrew Castle, John Lloyd, Tim Henman, Samantha Smith and Mark Petchey; tennis legends such as John McEnroe, Tracy Austin and Boris Becker; and general sports commentators including Andrew Cotter and Nick Mullins.

Who will be the commentators for Wimbledon 2021?

Sue Barker, who has been part of our Wimbledon team since 1993, is joined by grand slam winners John McEnroe, Martina Navratilova, Boris Becker, Billie Jean King, Tracy Austin and Tim Henman.

Who is commentating on the tennis now?

Andrew Castle

Sorry, Andrew, we couldn’t resist the picture. Andrew Castle is the BBC’s main tennis commentator and is often heard on big matches at Wimbledon and at the ATP Finals. He has also presented qualifying from Wimbledon for the tournament’s channel, and has done commentary for Eurosport in the past.

Are ESPN announcers at Australian Open?

Because of travel restrictions and safety precautions, ESPN has a minimal presence onsite in Melbourne, with only analysts Darren Cahill and Rennae Stubbs reporting live from the grounds (both are Australian natives and are also serving as coaches at the tournament).

Where are Australian Open commentators?

Production Based at ESPN Headquarters

In a change as a result of the ongoing pandemic, ESPN’s production will be based at its headquarters in Bristol, Conn. Commentators will work from a combination of there, home offices or on-site in Melbourne.

Who are the commentators for Australian Open 2020?

A fresh lineup featuring Rebecca Maddern, James Bracey and Tony Jones will host Nine’s new-look tennis coverage. Award-winning journalist Rebecca Maddern has previously covered the Australian Open as well as many of the world’s biggest sporting events, including the Commonwealth Games, Melbourne Cup and AFL.

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