Does tennis ball have a crush on Golf Ball?

In “Take the Plunge: Part 2”, Coiny said that Golf Ball and Tennis Ball had a crush on each other, but Golf Ball pointed out that their relationship was purely platonic.

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Moreover, how old is firey?


Character Birth date Age (in years, months and days)
Firey November 19, 1997 19 years and 12 days (6,952 days)
Firey Speaker Box November 19, 1977 39 years and 12 days (14,257 days)
Flower March 11, 1997 19 years, 8 months and 20 days (7,205 days)
Flower Speaker Box March 11, 1977 39 years, 8 months and 20 days (14,510 days)
Besides, why does needle hate being called needy? Needle has never specified why she dislikes being called “Needy”, but it’s likely because the word needy is defined as “lacking the necessities of life; very poor”. When she isn’t referred to by her nickname, Needle can be kind, approachable, and supportive towards her friends and teammates.

Subsequently, is leafy from BFDI a girl?

Leafy is a female contestant in Battle for Dream Island, IDFB, and BFB. In Battle for Dream Island, Leafy competed on the Squashy Grapes until the merge in “A Leg Up in the Race”.

Why do tennis balls bounce higher than golf balls?

Does a golf ball bounce higher than a tennis ball? Procedure. If a tennis ball and a golf ball are bounced, then the tennis ball will bounce higher then the golf ball because the tennis ball has pressurized air inside of it making it need to use less energy to deform, and having more energy left for the rebound.

Why does a golf ball bounce higher than a ping pong ball?

The mass of the golf ball is much greater than the mass of the ping pong ball. In order for momentum to be conserved (the equation to be balanced), the velocity of the ping pong ball will be much greater.

How many times has bubble died?

“Barriers and Pitfalls”

Character Number of deaths Time
Bubble 25 6:57
Ice Cube 1 6:30
Total 26

Who is the most popular BFB character?

My Top 10 Favorite BFB Characters

  1. 1 #1-Fanny.
  2. 2 #2-Firey.
  3. 3 #3-Foldy.
  4. 4 #4-Barf Bag.
  5. 5 #5-Book.
  6. 6 #6-Cake.
  7. 7 #7-Leafy.
  8. 8 #8-Balloony.

Who is the oldest BFDI character?

How old are the BFB characters?

Character Birth date Age (in years, months and days)
Match February 2, 1995 21 years, 9 months and 29 days (7,973 days)
Needle August 18, 1995 21 years, 3 months and 13 days (7,776 days)
Nickel November 1, 2000 16 years and 1 month (5,874 days)

Is needle in BFB?

Needle is a female contestant on BFDI, BFDIA, BFB and TPOT.

Is saw from BFB a boy or girl?

Voiced by. Saw is a female contestant in Battle for BFDI and The Power of Two.

What gender is nickel BFB?


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