Does Marat Safin still play tennis?

Marat Mubinovich Safin (born 27 January 1980) is a Russian former politician and retired professional tennis player. He achieved the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) world No. 1 singles ranking on 20 November 2000.

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Furthermore, how many titles did Marat Safin Win?

Safin more than held his own, winning 15 singles titles and five ATP Masters 1000 tournament titles.

Beside this, who is the best Russian tennis player? 1. Maria Sharapova (1987 – ) With an HPI of 65.48, Maria Sharapova is the most famous Russian Tennis Player. Her biography has been translated into 93 different languages on wikipedia.

In this regard, why did Dinara Safina retire?

Safina retired in 2014 after a lengthy absence from the tour since 2011 due to an ongoing back injury. She is the younger sister of former world No. 1 men’s player Marat Safin.

Who does Marat Safin coach?

Team Russia Coach

Where is Dinara Safina now?

Dinara Safina, Former no.

The former No. 1 is now enjoying her retired life in Monte Carlo. At the same time, Safina works with up-and-coming players and coaches them.

Who is the most beautiful tennis player?


  • ANNA KOURNIKOVA. Country: Russia. …
  • ANA IVANOVIC. Country: Serbia. …
  • LAURA ROBSON. Country: Great Britain. …
  • MARIA KIRILENKO. Country: Russia. …
  • Country: Argentina. Highest ranking: No. …
  • MARIA SHARAPOVA. Country: Russia. …
  • Country: Romania. Highest ranking: No.

How much is Maria Sharapova worth?

2020 America’s Self-Made Women NET WORTH

Her $39 million in career prize money is third all-time among women, but she earned nearly $300 million more (pre-tax) from sponsors and appearances. The tennis ace was Forbes’ highest-paid female athlete in the world for 11 consecutive years, peaking at $30 million in 2015.

Who is Maria Sharapova’s husband?

businessman Alexander Gilkes

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