Does Harvard have a badminton team?

Harvard Badminton Club is open to players of all skill levels. For beginners, we provide the equipment necessary for players to get started in the sport. For competitive players, we provide opportunities to train with a coach and participate in tournaments.

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Hereof, what is club badminton?

Badminton Club. Badminton Club gets students in touch with the sport of badminton. This is a club where students compete with each other which instil a sense of sportsmanship.

Just so, what is Rex at MIT? Residence Exploration, or REX, is a four day experience for first year students (and this year, sophomores too!) to explore MIT dorms to help their future home on campus. If this includes you, welcome to MIT!

Then, does MIT recruit for tennis?

MIT is one of the top Division III athletic programs in the country. MIT is always looking for students-athletes. If you’re a prospective student interested in playing varsity sports at MIT, you should contact the coach of your sport by completing a recruitment form. …

Do Harvard students have fun?

Harvard students do work very hard, but it’s more that doing extracurriculars (and occasional schoolwork) is what they enjoy rather that they don’t have fun. They just don’t have fun by partying (mostly).

Is there Greek life at Harvard?

Harvard rescinds policy against fraternities, sororities and other single-gender organizations. Harvard University is rescinding its controversial policy that penalized students who were members of fraternities, sororities and other single-gender clubs. … Students who join them, however, were not.

Is MIT a d1?

Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s intercollegiate sports teams, called the MIT Engineers, compete mostly in NCAA Division III. … One MIT sport, women’s rowing, competes in Division I in the Eastern Association of Women’s Rowing Colleges (EAWRC).

What is the MIT swim test?

Swim Test. The swim test consists of jumping into the pool feet first and swimming 100 yards continuously. To take the swim test, go to the Zesiger Center pool deck (don’t forget your MIT ID card and towel). Upon arrival, notify the lifeguard you wish to take the test; they will alert the manager on duty.

What is the MIT mascot?

Tim the Beaver

Does MIT have a pool?

The Olympic-class Zesiger Pool was built to accommodate the MIT swimming, diving and water polo teams in a well-lit natatorium that soars five stories high. … All three pools are available to the MIT community now.

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