Does Georgetown have badminton?

Badminton. Georgetown Club Badminton was created to provide the opportunity for members to play badminton, develop and improve their skills, and to participate in training and competitive matches in intercollegiate and open tournaments. This team is open membership.

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In this way, does Georgetown have club sports?

For both committed athletes and students interested in learning a new sport, Club Sports provide Georgetown University students with a recreational opportunity to participate on an organized sports team. Teams are student-run organizations and are managed by an advisory board composed of club athletes.

Similarly, what sports teams does Georgetown have? Most teams have their athletic facilities on the main campus of Georgetown University.
Georgetown Hoyas
Varsity teams 11 men’s, 12 women’s, 1 co-ed
Football stadium Cooper Field
Basketball arena Capital One Arena (men’s) McDonough Gymnasium (women’s)
Baseball stadium Shirley Povich Field

Moreover, does Georgetown have a ski team?

Georgetown Ski Team – Home | Facebook.

What is Georgetown University mascot?

Jack the Bulldog

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