Does chacos make tennis shoes?

Light weight and great support

This Chaco tennis shoe is extremely light weight and very supportive.

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Herein, does Chaco make boots?

Casual and Light Hiking Boots

Our light hiking boots are made with our classic LUVSEAT™ footbed and instant-comfort EVA midsole that you love in your Chaco sandals, so you can count on the same support and comfort throughout all the mileage you’ll put on.

Additionally, is Chaco a good brand? Quality & Durability

Both brands have been in the sandal game forever with Teva being established back in 1984 and Chaco in 1989. Both shoes are good quality and very durable.

In this way, can chacos be used as water shoes?

Our sandals are fit for any adventure in or around water! Our Z/Sandals feature a waterproof PU footbed and quick drying polyester straps. The Chaco Z sandal was originally invented as a rafting sandal, so water is in our DNA!

Are chacos good for hiking?

Here are a few of our favorite hiking sandals: Chacos – The Chaco Z/1 Classic (men’s and women’s) model is our top pick for hiking sandals. They are sturdy and comfortable, and they have an impressive amount of arch support. If you like a softer sole try the Chaco Z/Cloud (men’s and women’s).

Are chacos zero drop?

Chaco Z/Cloud

Surprisingly, Chaco’s are all 0 drop per their Development Team. “What you see when you look at the side profile of our product is the midsole heel raisers which is part of the heel cup support system, but the bottom of our heel cup is not higher than our forefoot.”

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