Do they still make Pump shoes?

Whether paired with workout shorts or something more casual, the Reebok Pump is as versatile as basketball shoes get. On the court, an all-black look will really make the Omni Zone II shoe stand out. … This Reebok Pump will be the first in a series of Pump Omni Zone II releases in 2021.

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Moreover, what are pump sneakers?

The Reebok Pump is a line of athletic shoes that was first released on November 24, 1989 by Reebok. It was the first shoe to have an internal inflation mechanism that regulated a unique fitting cushion in the lower and upper tongue to provide locking around the ankle.

Also to know is, what was the point of Pump shoes? According to the Reebok Archive, THE PUMP technology featured inflatable chambers fitted within the shoe which enabled the wearer to create a custom fit by either inflating or deflating the areas of the shoe around the ankle and full foot giving stability and support.

Subsequently, will Reebok bring back pump?

Reebok Is Bringing Back Another Original Pump Omni Zone II

After bringing back the iconic black-based colorway in March, next up for the retro hoops model is the OG white make-up.

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