Did Mark Todd win badminton?

Mark won Badminton Horse Trials at his debut attempt in 1980 riding Southern Comfort. He went on to win the competition another 3 times, most recently in 2011 riding NZB Land Vision.

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Moreover, what happened to Mark Todd?

Todd retired from international competition following the Olympics and returned to live in New Zealand. Todd and his family moved to Rivermonte Farm near his home town of Cambridge in Waikato to breed horses and concentrate on several business ventures, including the manufacture/retail of harness and other tack.

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In this regard, does Mark Todd still ride?

Leading international eventer Sir Mark Todd has announced his retirement – again – but there will be no comeback this time. The New Zealand team stalwart is going out on a high, making the announcement after standing atop the podium for the Nations Cup competition at Ireland’s Camphire International Horse Trials.

When did Mark Todd win Badminton?


What is Mark Todd famous for?

Mark Todd is a famous New Zealand horseman, who has won two Olympic gold medals and received many other honours. Todd is one of the first of two New Zealand equestrians to have competed at six Olympic Games. Born 1 March 1956 in Cambridge. Gained Diploma of Agriculture at the Waikato Technical Institute.

What was the name of Mark Todds first horse?

Charisma (30 October 1972 – 7 January 2003) was a horse ridden by New Zealander Mark Todd. Charisma won many competitions in the sport of eventing. He is considered by many to be one of the greatest event horses ever to have competed. He stood 15.3 hands (63 inches, 160 cm).

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