Did Kobe Bryant play in 2013?

24 for the duration of the 2013-2014 NBA Season. … Bryant, the 13th pick in the 1996 NBA draft, had only played in 6 games this season after attempting to return from a torn Achilles’ tendon suffered in April of 2012 against the Golden State Warriors.

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Secondly, did Kobe Bryant play tennis?

Bryant’s interest in tennis grew after he retired from the Los Angeles Lakers in 2016. He began playing frequently at a club in Newport Beach, California, albeit not necessarily well.

Herein, who was Kobe Bryant’s wife? Vanessa Bryant

Beside this, is Naomi Osaka related to Kobe?

Naomi Osaka’s parents are two of her biggest cheerleaders, but she also had the support of late basketball legend Kobe Bryant. In her self-titled Netflix docuseries, the 23-year-old tennis player opens up about her close friendship with Kobe and how he acted as a mentor for her as she navigated life in the spotlight.

Who is Naomi Osakas boyfriend?

rapper Cordae Amari Dunston

How did Naomi Osaka meet Kobe Bryant?

The two first met in June of 2019 when her agent and manager introduced them, and they developed a close bond quickly after. In an interview with WSJ. Magazine in August 2020, Naomi added that Kobe helped her find her confidence as a tennis player. “There would be some really tough losses,” Naomi told the publication.

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