Can you get married at Badminton House?

Weddings and Private Parties

We have a range of spaces, both inside and in the gardens, able to provide the perfect backdrop for weddings and other celebrations. The North Hall is our largest room and can sit up to 120 for a formal meal, and the rooms in the West Wing can be used for civil ceremonies and for dancing.

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Also, who lives on the Badminton Estate?

Georgia Beaufort Takes Us Inside Her Storied English Estate, Badminton House. THE DUCHESS OF BEAUFORT is the kind of woman who manages stressful moments by telling her husband, Harry, the 12th duke, that “I need to do a Latin translation.” “It’s a metaphor for doing something I can control,” she tells me.

Subsequently, how many acres is Badminton Estate? He also leaves behind an estimated £315million fortune including the 52,000-acre Badminton Estate in Gloucestershire – home of the famous horse trials, and the place where the game of Badminton was invented in 1863.

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