Can the cast of Racket Boys play badminton?

SBS sports drama “Racket Boys,” which ended Monday, has garnered popularity not only with the feel-good storyline and its actors’ compelling performance, but also with the young actors’ badminton skills, which caught viewers’ attention.

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Regarding this, how old are they in Racket Boys?

A story of a boys’ badminton team at a middle school in Haenam as they compete in a junior athletic competition. The 16 year old boys and girls in Haenam grow as people during this time.

Beside this, does Netflix have Racket Boys? Racket Boys (Korean: 라켓소년단; Hanja: 라켓少年團; RR: Raketsonyeondan) is a 2021 South Korean Sports drama television series. The series is available worldwide on Netflix for streaming. …

Likewise, people ask, does Hae Kang beat Park Chan?

To open up the finale, Woo-chan and Hae-kang double up against Park Chan and his partner, and they win their first game, which is intense. Due to Hae-kang’s eye injury, he didn’t see the angle of the shuttlecock, which results in them losing the second set.

How old is Tang Joon Sang?

18 years (August 13, 2003)

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