Can I start playing badminton at 18?

There is no age limit on playing badminton you can start at any age and represent you state, nation in different tournaments and Olympics weather you are 10 years old or 20 years old ,If you are best in your Country.

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Additionally, what are the steps to become a badminton player?

The things to follow, to become a professional player in badminton are vital to know.

  1. Know the Game.
  2. The Right Age.
  3. Physical Capabilities.
  4. Dexterous Skillset.
  5. The Right Equipment.
  6. Get the best Guru.
  7. Practice makes perfect.
  8. What else can you do?
Considering this, can I become a badminton player after 12th? Everyone of all ages can play badminton! However, badminton is played at different levels. Each level have different physical requirements. In other words, age matters if you are playing at a higher level.

In this regard, is badminton easy to pick up?

Badminton is the fastest racquet sport in the world. … Beginners find Badminton easy to pick up and get going. As they get better they learn to increase the speed at which they play. The tempo of Badminton can change from rally to rally but the most successful players play at a high pace.

Can I start playing badminton at 22?

There is NO age limit to play badminton. … If you start learning badminton at the age of 22, you can potentially be a good casual player; but definitely NOT a professional player. And yes, you are right that on average, professional badminton players (especially singles) retire at the age of 30.

Is it too late for badminton?

The obvious question that comes to the mind of people is whether it makes sense to start playing the game late. The answer is yes. It would be wrong to suggest that late players of the game will not be able to make much of the headway.

What is the best age to start badminton?

A kid should start getting coaching and training for badminton at the age of 7 or 8. The Olympic queen of India, PV Sindhu, started playing badminton at the age of 8. She is one of the greatest examples of success. Usually, at the international level, the players are selected at a very adolescent age.

What is the salary of PV Sindhu?

PV Sindhu Net Worth

Name PV Sindhu
Profession Indian badminton player
Monthly Income And Salary 50 Lakhs +
yearly Income 6 Crore +
Last Updated September 2021

How can I practice badminton alone?

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