Can basketball shoes be used for badminton?

No, you cannot play badminton in basketball shoes; it’s not a marketing trick. … Buying high-end badminton dedicated non-marking shoes will offer you more support for lateral and reverse movements, better traction on badminton courts, better feedback hence of being lower to the ground, and full 360-degree ankle support.

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Hereof, what shoes are good for playing badminton?

Best Badminton Shoes Review

  • Yonex SHB-SC5 MX Badminton Shoes-Navy Orange.
  • Babolat Shadow Spirit Badminton Shoes.
  • ASICS Women’s Gel Upcourt.
  • Yonex Men’s Power Cushion SHB-02 LTD Limited Edition.
  • Adidas Performance Men’s Ligra 4.
  • Adidas Performance Men’s Barricade Club.
  • Mizuno Women’s Wave Lightning RX2.
  • Puma Men’s Invicto Sala.
Also, can I wear running shoes for badminton? Before going into the rest of this article, I want to make a disclaimer: Playing badminton with running shoes is highly not recommended. Due to the design of running shoes, there is a high chance of getting injured wearing them to play badminton.

Similarly, do badminton shoes make a difference?

Badminton is a fast-paced game that requires you to move frequently. The thick rubber soles of your running shoes won’t allow you to change places quickly. With proper badminton shoes that have thinner soles, you will feel closer to the ground. It will offer more stability, acceleration and flexibility.

Is basketball shoes are non-marking?

Indoor basketball shoes are made as non-marking basketball shoes as they’re intended for indoor court use. Outdoor basketball shoes, on the other hand, usually aren’t made non-marking. They’re made for hard concrete and asphalt so the rubber is hard. … Indoor basketball shoes are non-marking shoes.

How can you tell if shoes are non-marking?

If you see a scuff mark, you do not have non-marking shoes. Write with the heel of the shoe at the sole on another piece of plain white paper. Drag your foot with the heel across the paper and examine the paper for a marking. If you do not see a mark, you have non-marking soles.

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