Can 4 year old play badminton?

Kids should start playing badminton between 7 and 8 years old. However, there are certainly cases where children start playing as early as 5 years old. And if you have kids older than 8, then definitely start now!

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Keeping this in view, which badminton is good for kids?

2) Yonex Nano Speed 100 Junior

The Yonex Nano Speed 100 Junior is pretty expensive compared to the lot but if you are planning to put your kid under professional training, then you can go ahead with this racket. This racket weighs just 80 g and it comes with an isometric frame which is much better than a round frame.

In respect to this, what is the cost of a badminton set? The price of durable and reliable professional badminton sets starts around $85 and goes as high as $200.

Secondly, what is the game called with two rackets and a birdie?


What is the best age to start badminton?

I am not demotivating those person who started playing badminton after 15 but after seeing players starting phase(early training) of different age group i can say that a kid whose age 9-10 than he is good to go.

How do I teach my 4 year old badminton?

Can a 6 year old play badminton?

Singles and Doubles at the International Level

Before a kid reaches 8, the game should be played for fun, without focusing on the improvisation. Children at such an adolescent age cannot understand the skills that well. A kid should start getting coaching and training for badminton at the age of 7 or 8.

Is badminton a good sport for kids?

Badminton for kids is great exercise

Children need a lot of exercise to stay fit, so any activities that get them moving are great for their health. Badminton can be a particularly good sport as it is interesting, fun and fast-paced.

What are the benefits of playing badminton for kids?

Benefits of playing badminton for kids

  • 1- Physical development. …
  • Badminton improves eye vision. …
  • Improves the personality of the child. …
  • The risk of serious injury is minimal. …
  • Increases the child’s attention. …
  • Deformation of the spine. …
  • Large load on the knees. …
  • Best badminton racket for kids.

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