Are there any good tennis games on PS4?

1PlayStation 4 Tennis Games You Ought to Try

Virtua Tennis, Top Spin, EA’s Grand Slam… even Sega Superstars Tennis!

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Accordingly, can PS4 play topspin 4?

Top Spin 4 is no longer available on PlayStation Network and Xbox Games Store. That said, Top Spin 4 can still be enjoyed by playing a physical disc copy of the game.

Furthermore, is Virtua Tennis on PS4? This is the first main series Virtua Tennis game to not have an arcade release before the console releases.
Virtua Tennis 4
Platform(s) PlayStation 3 PlayStation Vita Xbox 360 Wii Microsoft Windows Arcade

Consequently, does PlayStation have a tennis game?

There aren’t a ton of tennis games available for the current generation of gaming consoles. In fact, aside from boxing, tennis might be the most neglected of any top sport on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Thankfully, Big Ant Studios has released Australian Open Tennis 2 for PS4, XB1 and Nintendo Switch.

Is Tennis World Tour 2 better?

Tennis World Tour 2 captures the flow of real-world tennis well, but that comes with a steep timing-based learning curve. … As it stands, it’s the best tennis game currently available on the PS4, but there’s still room for further improvement here.

Is there a tennis game for PS5?

This new Complete Edition for PS5 repackages the original sports simulation and all of its DLC, but incorporates a number of key under-the-hood improvements as well. World-renowned pros like Andy Murray and Maria Sharapova have been added to the roster, as have a suite of animations inspired by real-world stars.

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