Are tennis string savers legal?

String savers are perfectly legal for use in competitive play per the International Tennis Federation and the official rules of tennis.

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Thereof, do pros use string savers?

We have discussed the pros in detail. String savers extend strings’ life, separating the mains and crosses to hit the ball better and reduce string movement are some pros of using them.

Just so, how do I apply string savers?

Besides, do string savers increase tension?

By adding string savers, there will be a slight increase in tension as they stiffen up the hitting surface just like raising your string tension would do. … When the string returns to their natural position, that imparts more torque on the ball before it leaves the string bed.

What type of string should I use tennis?

Tennis strings are made of natural gut, nylon (multifilament) or polyester (monofilament). Natural gut and nylon strings are best for beginner to intermediate players due to their power and comfort properties while polyester is best for advanced players due to its stiffer, control-oriented properties.

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