Are tennis shoes more durable?

Sole and Durability

Tennis shoes are usually discarded when the player wears through the outsole or grinds down the sole until it is smooth and offers little traction. Tennis shoe soles are made to be considerably more durable than running shoes.

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Beside this, how long do most tennis shoes last?

Answering the question of how long tennis shoes last is a tricky one simply because it depends on a wide range of factors. Typically, most shoes are designed to last between 6-12 months, and depending on your use they could even last years beyond that.

Beside above, is it OK to play tennis in running shoes? If you’re one of those players who feels most comfortable playing tennis in running shoes, you should play in whatever shoe is the most comfortable and helps you play your best tennis. … This is because these shoes are made to give you the support, the cushioning and the traction that you need on a tennis court.

Also question is, how many miles do Hokas last?

The typical lifespan for a pair of running shoes falls in the 250-500 mile range, which in itself is very broad. Some people may find they get less than 200 and others more than 700.

How often should I buy tennis shoes?

The exact answer will depend on a number of factors, but in general, experts recommend replacing your sneakers every 300 to 500 miles (that’s helpful if you use an app to track your runs) or every six to eight months, whichever comes first. For super active individuals, this time frame may be as short as three months.

When should you get new tennis shoes?

But even if you don’t notice those signs, the general rule of thumb is about 45-60 hours before the midsole is worn out. So if you play once a week for an hour, you should be replacing your shoes at least once a year. For more on the latest gear and tennis technology, visit

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