Are stiff rackets good?

A stiff shaft is excellent for accurate shuttlecock placement. Unlike a flexible racket shaft, a stiff racket does not bend much. When the shuttle hits the string bed of the racket, it will NOT vibrate and cause uncertainty to the flight direction of the shuttlecock.

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Also to know is, how does stiffness affect a tennis racquet?

The stiffer the frame, the less energy is transferred to the racket (and therefore there is more energy in the ball). Frames that are less stiff absorb more energy from the ball, and therefore the racket will provide less power when the ball is transferred off of the strings.

Beside above, is pure drive stiff? In the 2021 version, Babolat has added something called an HTR system, which is a different layup supposed to give more power. More importantly, to increase the comfort in this traditionally very stiff line of racquets, there is also SWX Pure Feel, a viscoelastic rubber between the carbon layers of the racquet.

Just so, what weight tennis racket should I use?

Beginners should stick to lightweight or medium rackets (weighing less than 11oz), with a head heavy balance. More advanced players, however, should choose medium or heavy rackets (more than 11oz) with a head light balance.

Are Babolat rackets stiff?

Are stiff racquets more powerful?

The more it flexible a racquet is, the more it bends and the more energy it absorbs. That decreases power as it’s taking energy away from the ball. A stiffer frame flexes less at impact, keeping more energy in the ball, leading to more power in your shots.

Is Babolat Pure Strike stiff?

A stiffness rating of 72 in a fairly thin frame would probably scare away a lot of players but I don’t know how Babolat has succeeded to make such a stiff frame as comfortable as they have. There is absolutely no discomfort whatsoever. A very solid feel all over the hitting surface.

Is Babolat Pure Drive a good racket?

The Babolat Pure Drive is Best for Tennis Players Who…

If you’re serious about improving your tennis game then you should consider this racquet. … Again, while this is a great all-around tennis racquet, it’s specifically best for singles players who seek a combination of power and control on their groundstrokes.

What tension Babolat Pure Drive?

50-59 pounds

Is Pure Drive 2021 Good?

It’s easy to play with and offers a lot of performance, there’s not much more you can ask for. Continuing the theme of the playtest, I think the new Pure Drive is a slight improvement on the old one, with better dampening. We gave the Babolat Pure Drive 2021 a great score of 8.5 out of 10 for the serve.

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