Are Slazenger tennis rackets good?

Slazenger are all about affordability and solid quality. You get no high-tech carbon composites here, no fancy sounding technologies using trademarked substances originally designed by the military for use in stealth jets. You just get a good, old-fashioned racket that’s great for knocking tennis balls about a court.

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Likewise, people ask, does Slazenger make tennis racquets?

Serve up an ace with a tennis racket from our huge range. We’ve got a selection of junior tennis rackets as well as adult tennis rackets to choose from, so there is something to suit all different style and levels of tennis players, from beginners to professionals. Check out our tennis accessories.

Keeping this in view, is racket smashing allowed in tennis? In tennis, breaking rackets is considered to be unsportsmanlike conduct. … Breaking a racket is a violation of these rules (called racket abuse), and as such is usually punished with a loss of points and a fine.

Keeping this in consideration, what is a smash tennis racket?

The Slazenger Smash Tennis Racket features a lightweight alloy frame with cushioned grip for excellent control and power, an ideal start up racket.

What are the sizes of tennis rackets?

Tennis Racket Head Sizes:

  • OVERSIZE: 105” or larger.
  • MIDPLUS: 98” to 104”
  • MIDSIZE: 85” to 97”
  • LIGHTWEIGHT FRAME: 9 – 9.7oz / 255 – 275g.
  • MEDIUM FRAME: 9.8 – 11oz / 275 – 310g.
  • HEAVY WEIGHT FRAME: 11oz / 310g or heavier.

What animal is on the Slazenger logo?

Fortunately, Arctic Cat has been told it can continue to use the logo as a trademark for its snow-scooters. Slazenger had initially opposed that too, but withdrew this objection during the proceedings.

Where are Slazenger rackets made?


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