Are Rocket Dog shoes comfortable?

They are very comfortable. I ignored the other reviews that said the shoe runs a big large and ordered my normal size. They still fit, but are a bit loose. A few times my foot has come out of the shoe while walking.

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Simply so, where are Rocket Dog shoes manufactured?

Hayward, California

Moreover, do Rocket Dog shoes come in wide? 4.0 out of 5 stars This shoes are FOR people who have wide feet! Well, they give you options on how wide your feet are before the purchase, so it isn’t only for wide feet.

Then, are rocket shoes real?

Rocket boots is an invention by Soviet scientist Viktor Gordeyev. … Rocket Boots are intended to make it possible for a person to travel faster and further than by unassisted walking or running. There are no actual rockets in the Rocket Boots.

Can dogs eat rocket?

Yes—your fur baby can enjoy this healthy vegetable, but in moderation. … Your dog may enjoy raw garden rocket, but most people find their dogs like the veggie best when it’s been cooked, chopped and added to their pup’s regular dog food.

Does Rocket Dog make mens shoes?

Rocket Dog Men’s Native Slip-on.

Does Rocket Dog have free returns?

There is a non refundable $7.95 fee for the FedEx Smartpost prepaid shipping label but there will be no restocking fee on returns.

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