Are on cloud shoes good for walking?

ON’s Cloud is the best shoe on the market for walking on concrete. Clouds have cushion on the platform of the shoe that focuses on impact protection. When walking on hard surfaces like concrete sidewalks, this protection becomes especially important. The Clouds also have extra room in the toe box.

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In this way, are on cloud shoes narrow?

The On Cloud is true to size

The shoes are true to size, although having a slightly narrow fit. The narrow fit may disallow toe splay. Runners with wider feet may prefer going half a size up.

Similarly one may ask, where is on cloud from?

the Swiss alps

Consequently, whats the most comfortable on cloud shoe?

The Cloudstratus is On’s most cushioned running shoe yet. With double the Cloud elements for double the cushion, this shoe feels soft on landings and is springy enough to pick up the pace when you’re feeling fresh. Comfort and performance jump out as two of the best features of this high cushioned running shoe.

Do you wear socks with On Cloud shoes?

On uses elasticated laces for the On Cloud which means you can slip them on and off really quickly if you need to. … Being able to quickly get these Swiss running shoes on, and to wear them without socks makes it a winner for triathletes of all distances, including Ironman too.

Why are On Cloud shoes so popular?

It combines the best of both worlds in that it is very lightweight but also well cushioned. In the case of the Cloud the speedboard is fairly lightweight and flexible, which is why the shoe is so comfortable. The easy on and off also makes it popular with triathletes.

Do on cloud shoes stretch out?

Cloud shoes are made from natural leather, they will stretch as the leather adapts to your feet. With wear, leather footwear will stretch out to mold better to your feet. With normal wear, it usually takes time to break in a new pair of shoes.

Do on cloud shoes have arch support?

Arch support: Being that the On Cloud is designed to promote a barefoot feel, one would expect little to no arch support. I’m pleasantly surprised, however, as my arches feel moderately supported. … The On Cloud features lightweight mesh upper at the forefoot which allows air to circulate into and out of the shoe.

Are on cloud sneakers good for wide feet?

The Cloudstratus boasts a slightly wider footbed, a dual layer of cushioning and a flexible upper that suits people with a wider foot. The Cloudflyer is also a popular choice due to its stability, support and reinforced Cloud elements. … That’s what our unique CloudTec┬« system enables you to do, regardless of foot type.

Who made on cloud shoes?

Overview of On Cloud

On Cloud sneakers were created in 2010 in the Swiss Alps by David Alleman, Oliver Bernhard, and Caspar Coppetti. Their goal was to revolutionize the sensation of running based on one radical idea of soft landings followed by explosive take-offs or as the brand would call it, ‘running on clouds’.

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