Are K-Swiss tennis shoes good?

K-Swiss touted the new knit uppers as soft, comfortable, supportive and durable, so we couldn’t wait to put these shoes to the test. Sure enough, the Knitshots delivered! The knit material accommodated both narrow and wide feet, while providing plenty of support and stability for aggressive lateral cuts.

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Correspondingly, who makes K-Swiss shoes?

Chinese sportswear company Xtep International Holdings Ltd has acquired American athletic shoe brand K-Swiss and its associated brands Palladium and Supra (KSGB) from E-Land Footwear USA Holdings Inc. for $260 million. The K-Swiss brand was founded in California in 1966 by Swiss brothers Art and Ernie Brunner.

Subsequently, do K-Swiss shoes run big or small? The shoes run true to size and great quality.

Furthermore, does K-Swiss still exist?

K-Swiss, Inc. is an American athletic shoe brand based in downtown Los Angeles, California and

Type Subsidiary
Area served Worldwide
Products Footwear, sportswear
Parent Xtep

Are K-Swiss shoes still cool?

These tennis shoes are still in style and no one can deny that K swiss shoes are very cool. Moreover, they’re both functional and comfortable.

Where are K-Swiss manufactured?

Made in Indonesia but K-Swiss brand NOT knock off. Shipped from the USA CA.

Are K-Swiss trainers leather?

Founded in California in 1966

Introduced in 1966, the K-Swiss Classic was the first all-leather tennis shoe and powered some of the world’s best tennis players to major championship victories. The K-Swiss Classic quickly gained worldwide acclaim and became a style statement both on and off the court.

What size is KD shoes?


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