Are Fischer racquets good?

Fischer has done a great job of balancing this racquet – at 7 pts. head light it offers a nice blend of maneuverable balance and power.” Jason “A great feeling racquet with a lot of feedback. I think it is better suited for 4.5+ rated players, but a strong 4.0 would enjoy the heft and control as well.”

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Besides, does Fischer still make tennis rackets?

Fischer created some really classic racquets with amazing feel and this is still present in their re-launched racquets.

People also ask, how much is a tennis racket worth? In the USA, the bulk of tennis racket prices will fall into the price range of $15 – 300. A good club player might expect to pay anything between $150 and $250, depending upon their enthusiasm for the latest design.

Likewise, people ask, what happened to Fischer tennis rackets?

With the acquisition of the Fischer Tennis & Racket Division, a new union was created becoming one brand: PACIFIC. … The addition of successful and proven FISCHER TECHNOLOGY is incorporated into the new PACIFIC Racket Line, assuring the continuation of quality and innovative design.

Are old tennis rackets worth money?

There’s really no right or wrong approach because it’s a matter of preference. For collectors of rare or vintage rackets, often the value is found in the historical or sentimental significance of the item. There are a few who are willing to pay the big bucks for the privilege of ownership.

Why are Babolat rackets so expensive?

On the other hand, the Babolat is made from advanced graphite, which is strong and dramatically more expensive to create. As a result, the baseline price of this tennis racquet is going to be higher.

What is the most expensive tennis racket in the world?

Bosworth Tour 96

This is the most expensive playing racket there is in the market made by Bosworth Tennis, a family-owned company, in collaboration with the game’s greatest athletes.

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